About East Orange Child Development Corporation

History of East Orange Child Development Corporation

East Orange Child Development Corporation (EOCDC) was organized in November of 1965 by a group of parents, but actually began as an East Orange Board of Education Summer Head Start Program in the summer of that year. The agency was a delegate of the County of Essex until 1985 and served for several years as a grantee and delegate agency. The agency has a history of employing parents and currently approximately 75% of existing staff members are former Head Start parents.

The agency Board of Directors is composed of 13 members, with the Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council membership consisting of over 51% of parents of currently enrolled children.

Head Start and Early Head Start are holistic federally funded early childhood development programs for eligible families, whose children are between zero (0) and five (5) years of age, as well as expecting mothers. Moreover, Head Start/Early Head Start provides services to children and Families that address issues surrounding health, nutrition, mental health, disabilities, education, family literacy, parent involvement, and access to community resources.

The EOCDC centralized kitchen serves 1200 children and teachers daily. Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are served five days per week.

Mission Statement  

To provide a quality, comprehensive early childhood and family development program to all eligible children and families in the City of East Orange;

To empower parents to become advocates for themselves and their families and;

To sponsor other community based projects which support child care efforts and provide meaningful improvement in the quality of life for the residents of this community.